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In the world of restaurants, where culinary excellence meets the art of hospitality, achieving the title of “Best Restaurant” is a dream that many strive for. In 2008, I had the privilege of winning the prestigious “Best Restaurant” award as part of the Tragus group. It was an unforgettable journey that took place at Strada Salisbury. This is the story of how it all unfolded.

The Team Behind the Success

Building a Strong Foundation
My journey began with a remarkable team by my side. I firmly believe that success is never achieved in isolation. It was the dedication, hard work, and passion of my team that laid the foundation for our victory. Together, we embarked on a culinary adventure that would change our lives forever.

Uniting for Excellence
Our team wasn’t just a group of individuals; we were a family driven by a common goal – to create exceptional dining experiences. Each member of the staff played a pivotal role in ensuring our customers left with smiles on their faces.

The Criteria for Judgment

Mystery Diner Scores
One of the key aspects that the judges considered was the feedback from mystery diners. These undercover diners visited our restaurant anonymously, evaluating every aspect of the dining experience. From the quality of food to the attentiveness of the staff, their feedback was invaluable in our quest for excellence.

Contribution to Profits
Another critical factor that contributed to our success was our ability to maximize profits. We understood that running a restaurant was not just about serving delicious food; it was also about managing the business aspect efficiently. By focusing on cost control and innovative marketing strategies, we were able to achieve a significant contribution to profits.

The Prize: “Race To Rio”

The Competition
The pinnacle of our journey was the competition aptly named the “Race To Rio.” The anticipation was palpable as we vied for the top spot. Winning this competition meant more than just prestige; it meant a week-long, all-expenses-paid trip to the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro.

Celebrating Victory
When the announcement came, and we were declared the winners of the “Race To Rio,” it was a moment of pure euphoria. The hard work, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence had paid off. We were not just the best restaurant; we were the champions.



The year 2008 was a turning point in my life. Winning the title of “Best Restaurant” was not just a recognition of our culinary skills; it was a celebration of teamwork, innovation, and unwavering commitment. Our success story at Strada Salisbury serves as a reminder that with passion and dedication, even the loftiest dreams can become a reality.

One of the most memorable moments was savoring authentic Brazilian cuisine on the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro. It was a sensory delight and a source of inspiration for our own culinary creations.

– What advice would you give to aspiring restaurateurs?

My advice would be to prioritize quality, embrace innovation, and never underestimate the power of a dedicated team. Success in the restaurant industry is a blend of art and science, so be prepared to balance both aspects effectively.

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